Cobalt Industry Poised for Significant Growth

The Foremost Cobalt Project Generator and Developer in North America

We feel that the cobalt investing industry is set to take off due to the significant role that this critical metal plays in lithium-ion batteries. Cruz Cobalt Corp (CUZ—TSXv, BKTPF—USA, A2AMG8–Germany) is a leader in cobalt exploration with significant projects across North America.

Cruz Cobalt is actively engaged in acquiring and developing cobalt assets Globally. We have acquired numerous high-grade cobalt projects located in North America. Seven of the cobalt projects acquired are located in Canada while one is located in Idaho and one is in Montana.

According to an interview with Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners on June 20, 2016, he states “…I think one of the things that’s surprised me is how most people haven’t woken up to the opportunity. Again, we can get into a lot of the details about battery and battery metals and how important lithium is, or cobalt is or graphite is, but I think cobalt is sort of an undiscovered opportunity right now and hopefully, that will change soon.”

Cobalt prices have increased significantly over the past year and appear to be breaking out to new 8-year highs. We feel that cobalt prices could have the same type of parabolic move like lithium has had. Similar dynamics that have driven lithium prices higher are present in cobalt, and that is why Cruz established itself at the early stages of this sector move securing multiple high-grade cobalt projects.

As the foremost cobalt project generator and developer on the TSX Venture Exchange, Cruz Capital strongly believes that cobalt is in the early stage of a significant bull market. We are pleased to be at the forefront of this trend.

Cobalt Prices Reach Another 8-Year High

Cobalt is known as an “energy metal” and is a primary component used in the construction of lithium-ion batteries. With our continued reliance on electronic mobile devices and the rise of the electric vehicle revolution, the demand for lithium ion batteries is strong and is expected to continue.

Cruz Capital Corp Lithium Price graph

While the earliest known usage of cobalt dates as far back as the 14th century, there has been little excitement about this metal until now. Cobalt is a very important component of the lithium-ion battery because it helps increase the amount of energy the battery can contain. As a result, cobalt is used extensively in the manufacturing of smartphones, jet engines, wind turbines and now electric vehicle batteries.

It is estimated that by the year 2025 we will see a requirement of 121,000 tons of cobalt which currently exceeds all production of cobalt.

Moreover, with companies like Tesla Motors building lithium-ion battery mega-factories that will require significant amounts of cobalt, the future of cobalt-producing companies is looking very bright.

A Very Exciting Future for Cobalt Investing

With the Lithium-Ion battery market continually expanding and our shared interest in electric cars, the cobalt industry is projected to boom.

Cruz Cobalt is at the forefront of cobalt exploration with prospects located across North America. Unlike the cobalt mined across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), North American cobalt exploration is environmentally responsible, geo-politically stable and in an ethical mining jurisdiction.

As political instability in the DRC increases and many tech companies become aware of the ethical issues connected to mining in the DRC, North American cobalt prospects will be the clear frontrunner as an alternative.

Some of the Cruz Cobalt mining prospects include:


As the foremost cobalt project generator and developer in North America, we strongly believe that cobalt is poised to garner significant market attention as the demand for lithium ion batteries continues to increase. Furthermore, any meaningful increase the price per pound of Cobalt could spur substantial investment activity in the sector. As a leader in cobalt project generation and development, Cruz Capital is proud to be at the forefront of this industry.

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